Month: January 2016

Waiting For the Mail

Dear Ones,
Well, here it is!  We leave first thing in the morning for Minnesota. With a bit of luck everyone in Take Jack will be in Duluth by dinnertime Friday night and heading up to Grand Marais Saturday morning for rehearsals with the Borealis Chorale and Orchestra. Got our music. Got our guitars.  Renting the bass. Keyboard. Amps. We’ll stop in Beaver Bay on the way to say hello to the mushers who are about to race in this year’s marathon and to pay our respects at the gravesite of John Beargrease. We even have some beautiful locally grown (Sonoma County) ceremonial tobacco gifted to us for this occasion.Sonoma County tobaccoAnd, because every good road trip deserves a new song, here’s a preview of one of the songs from the CRAZY COLD BEAUTIFUL song cycle –“Waiting For the Mail”
recorded live at one of Take Jack’s recent fundraising concerts. Can’t wait to be joined by the Borealis Chorale and Orchestra and to have Director William Beckstrand at the helm. Hope to see some of you at the concerts!
For those of you who have asked for the link to the live broadcast of the Saturday concert from the Sacred Heart Music Center in Duluth on February 6th, Here it is  –   Concert should begin at 2:00 California time, or 4:00 Minnesota time.

Thank you one and all for the many meaningful ways you have so generously supported this project!
See you on the horizon,