The West Coast Concerts

Glaser wide screen with Noe blue flatOn March 19th we had the west coast premiere concerts of CRAZY COLD BEAUTIFUL at the Glaser Center in Santa Rosa, CA. Here we are just before the last song of the cycle, “Snowfall.”  We brought my granddaughter Noe up on the stage to join us for this one because it is dedicated to her and I wanted her to hear it from the vantage point of being in the middle of the sound.
For these concerts, Take Jack was joined by the Sonoma County Kitchen Choir – directed by Sarah Saulsbury, and by an orchestra that included Steve Adams, Cory Wright, Kyle Bruckman, John Tuttle, Oliver Tuttle, John Bidwell, Philip Beard, Sarah Jo Zaharako, Katie Harlow and Joseph Sabella. Also – we were joined by students from Oak Grove Elementary School – directed by teacher Vicky Hill. The whole occasion was conducted by Bay Area composer, conductor, and multi-instrumentalist, Omid Zoufonoun. We all had an incredibly fantastic time, end-to-end. And here was this amazing audience, thousands of miles from the northern Minnesota world of true winter and sled dog mushing and knowledge of John Beargrease, smiling away with big enthusiasm for the project. We could all feel the support throughout the two concerts and this made for some fine singing and musicianship in return. There are now wheels turning toward future performances of the cycle. I’ll post the particulars once we’ve set the dates. For all of you asking – Anchorage in 2017?  Maybe! Meanwhile my forever thanks to – all of the singers in the Kitchen Choir for their beautiful singing and true commitment to the project and to their dynamite director, Sarah Saulsbury,  to Vicky Hill and her 4th grade students from Oak Grove School who joined us to sing “Without Those Dogs,” to the orchestra, and to Omid Zoufonoun for bringing it all together!  And – to Take Jack –  for months of rehearsals, for traveling to Minnesota for the concerts, for smiling about this project every step of the way from  -17º to 102º  thank you! And you can listen to two of the songs, “John Was My Best Friend” – about John Beargrease, and “Fourteen Reasons” – about the annual John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon.

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  1. Thanks for continuing to keep us northerners in your loop. I keep hoping we can sing the cycle again. Maybe in anchorage???


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